Welcome to SmallByte Workshops

We are a management consulting and talent development company, specializing in adult and accelerated learning.

SmallByte Workshops are, by design, short and to the point.  Whether in the classroom or delivered online, they are the right training when you need it. But while short in duration, “smallbytes” are long on content and impact, packed with real world scenarios from which adult learners best learn. Call us today to learn how SmallByte Workshops can harness the power of your talent.

Unlock The Power of People

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Organizational / Talent Development

We enjoy helping your talent thrive beyond the learning experience. We help employees see their work as meaningful, providing real impact to teams and organizations.

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Let SmallByte Workshops custom tailor a program just for you. We specialize in matching your unique business goals with programs and initiatives that add value where you need it.

Instructional Systems Design

Every SmallByte Workshop starts with curiosity. When employees are curious about what comes next, they “show up” ready to engage and leave with the confidence to apply learning.

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The Everything DiSC® Difference

Everything DiSC® is a personalized learning experience – a simple yet powerful model that measures an individual’s tendencies in four behavioral styles, allowing them to understand themselves and how they relate to others.

Team Building

We build teams. SmallByte Workshops opens  your teams to new ways of thinking and working together.  We challenge teams to find strength in thought leadership and trust.

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Help your people
work better together

Everything DiSC® is the premier personal development learning experience that helps your people better understand themselves and others, empowering them to work better together no matter where they are.

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